The Defining tradition of “P. K. Sharma & Co.” is to provide Exclusive Chartered Accountancy services under one roof and has a tremendous drive for excellence. We provide quality services to the clients with a commitment to uphold high standards of honesty, ethics and integrity. We truly believe that our firm’s success is to be a part of the noble cause of advancement of justice. Our corporate law division measures its success as a result of client’s growth and contribution to the GDP. Our firm has been practicing with this philosophy since 1987.


Our firm’s vision is to be the preeminent provider of auditing and assurance, financial, taxation as well as consultancy services to our clients and consistently augment the quality of our services; so as to add value for our clients through foresight and integrity. We continuously strive to provide excellent services to our clients and have a culture of growth and enthusiasm for everyone associated with the firm.


Our team is client-focused, friendly and proactive in ensuring that our clients have the required information as well as clear directions they need to achieve their goals. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the needs of each and every individual and also of industries across sectors, including manufacturers, real estate, asset management, professional services firms, traders, pharmaceuticals, medical practitioners and start-up businesses. We are dedicated to being our clients’ trusted advisors, always staying one step ahead of the legal and regulatory changes and industry trends that affect our clients so that we can make any adjustments necessary on an ongoing basis.